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CircularLog not working (on a specific host)

Hi, We're using the PersistentDictionary for a couple of years now and so far it works great. However - we now have a single machine (Win 2012R2) were the configuration setting "CircularLog" does ...

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PersistentBlob and "Not supported for SetColumn"

When creating a PersistentDictionary with a struct as value with a PersistentBlob as field "Not supported for SetColumn" is thrown. Is this behavior by design?

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Support Microsoft.Database.Isam on UWP

As for now, nuget package fail to install for UWP apps Package Microsoft.Database.Isam 1.9.4 is not compatible with uap10.0 (UAP,Version=v10.0) / win10-x86-aot. Package Microsoft.Database.Isam 1.9....

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[Possible Fix] TypeError: expected JET_TABLEID, got tuple

Possible fix: --- D:\Projects\personal\ESENT Managed Interface\ Sat Nov 5 22:33:43 2016 UTC +++ D:\Projects\personal\ESENT Managed Interface\ Wed Nov 9 22:51:13 2016 UTC...

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Accessing database from new application

Similar to 13850 I have an application that has been radically upgraded, and the new application is to use the same databases that the original one did. However, the application name is differen...

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Possible wrong CodeDoc

Description of Cursor.AcceptChanges() reads as "Discards the changes made to..." If assigning something to cursor.Record["mycol"] The "EsentNoCurrentRecordException" gives as additional Informati...

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Open PersistentDictionary using a different value type

I have been using PersistentDictionary in a windows service with a custom, private type for the value. This has worked well, however I wanted to read the PersistentDictionary files with a separate ...

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Port of Microsoft.Database.Collections.Generic on UWP

Hey guys, Are there any plans to make Microsoft.Database.Collections.Generic on UWP platform? Looking at the source code I can already see the RT projects but they don't work with UWP. Are there...

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Invalid API Parameter on Windows Server 2008R2

I developed a web app on windows 7 in C# visual studio 2015 and using iisexpress. When launching esent will initialize correctly with a supplied directory and i can create a persistent dictionary ...

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Floating-point invalid operation

Folks, this is just a warning about something scary that happened today. I just migrated my whole development environment from Win7 to Win10 on a brand new PC. I have a REST style web service that ...

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