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Maximum log file number error

Aug 21, 2012 at 1:26 PM


I am using PersistentDictionary in a C# (.net 4.0) application and at a point there are some errors thrown by the ESENT module: "Maximum log file number exceeded".

I have checked out the log files that are created, the number of log files does not exceed 15 log files and the largest file which stores the PersistentDictionary has 98 MB. Can you advise me please regarding this error? Do you have a limitation on the files size or on the number of log files?





Aug 21, 2012 at 11:36 PM

Szervusz, Zoltan!

I'm on vacation, so this is off the top of my memory, not checking with the code.

The only naming convention for ESENT logs on XP was 5 hex digits, stopping at fffff (for example, 0xfffff), which is just over a million log files. Is it possible you've hit this limit?

There is a parameter dealing with the log file sequence to extend the names to 8 hex digits (0x7fffffff, the 2 billion number).

If you cleanly shut down your database (check with esentutl.exe -ml <databasename>) and look for the 'Clean Shutdown' state), then you can safely delete the current log files, and then ESENT will start over from generation 1. [Actually I'd recommend moving the log files somewhere else first, so that you can easily 'undelete' them...]