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Online compaction - flag usage

Aug 6, 2014 at 10:48 PM
Hello! Thanks for the great project.

Via other threads here I've become aware of the Windows7Grbits.EnableCreateDbBackgroundMaintenance and Windows7Grbits.EnableAttachDbBackgroundMaintenance flags.

My (hopefully quick) questions:
  1. Our app uses a lot of sessions; is there any issue with setting the attach flag in all sessions, or should it be set on one, long-lived "background" session only?
  2. Should both flags be set at the same time, e.g. on create then on attach immediately after, or is the attach flag sufficient on its own?
  3. Will online compaction reliably improve the performance of subsequent offline compactions? (We just hit a 350 GB fragmented file that would take 40 days to compact :))
Thanks in advance for your advice,