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Documentation for the ETW provider for ESENT?

Nov 4, 2016 at 3:27 AM
Today I was giddy to see that recent versions of esent emit ETW events. Many of them are fairly obvious (ESE_ApiCall_Trace / ESE_TransactionBegin_Trace / ESE_TransactionCommit_Trace), but others like ESE_ReadPage_Trace, ESE_NewPage_Trace, ESE_EvictPage_Trace are a bit more hard to follow. Obviously pgno, tick, and fWrite are pretty easy to grasp, but the Ior and bf-prefixed fields seem a bit more obtuse.

I'm pretty sure some of these are on the Squeaky Lobster level or otherwise of limited usage to people that aren't actually ESE developers, but for those events that would be beneficial for "outsiders", is there any not-quite-perfect-but-pretty-okay documentation available? The only thing I could find looking for some of those events was a presentation on Channel 9.

To get even greedier, are there existing wpaProfiles with good presets for effectively working with these custom events?

And furthering my greed, this is probably a bit silly given that there are PerfMon counters for this, but sometimes getting info is like pulling teeth: There is the ESE_CacheResize_Trace and ESE_CacheLimitResize_Trace events, but is there anything that periodically emits the current cache size? This would be like the stock Memory Utilization view that emits the memory list content every half second even if it hadn't changed.